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16 Levels of Tennis

Universal Tennis Levels
Below are descriptions of play at each level. It is important to note that in order for a player to be at a certain level, the player has to reach the competitive threshold with other rated players.
  Level 16
Top 80 to 100 ATP players.
Make a living at pro tennis.
Level 15
ATP Challenger Circuit players. Among the top 300 players in the world.
Trying to make a living playing tennis.
Level 14
Top ranked ITA Division 1 men.
World Class Junior Boys.
College Scholarships.
Men thinking about turning pro should stay in school.
Level 13
Top 40 WTA players; make their living as tennis players.
National level USTA boys.
ITA Division 1, and Division 2 highly ranked men.
  Level 12
Top 200 WTA; trying to make their living in pro tennis.
Highly Ranked USTA Sectional boys.
Valuable player in most men's college programs.
Level 11
Highly Ranked ITA Division 1 women.
College Scholarship players for ITA Division 1 and Division 2 women.
Highly rated ITA Division 3 men.
World Class junior girls.
Level 10
Top ranked USTA National Girls.
Solid ITA Division 3 men.
Level 9
Very highly rated ITA Division 3 women.
Will always be invited to Member-Guest Tournaments.
  Level 8
Highly advanced competitive skill.
Can manuever, attack and conclude successfully.
Level 7
Uses attacking tactics successfully.
May be outstanding National Level at younger ages.
Successful High School and ITA Division 3 and Division 2 players.
Level 6
Younger players will be outstanding Sectional competitors.
Successful High School players.
Can be successful ITA Division 3 or Division 2 player.
Has at least one "outstanding" skill. Hits successive manuevering shots.
Level 5
May be successful USTA Sectional 12 and under players.
Should start playing adults.
Very steady when focused.
As adults, will play USTA league tennis for years.
  Level 4
Starts to use manuevering tactics, usually with crosscourt shots.
May play USTA tournaments.
Level 3
Serves reliably. Rallies are deeper in the court. Tends to play long neutral rallies.
Plays standard 6 game sets. Use 10 point tie breaker for 3rd set.
Level 2
Rallies can last up to 10 shots. Recovers behind the baseline.
Plays 4 games sets.
Uses standard ball.
Level 1
Can serve and return from full court.
Plays 4 games sets, with QS green ball or standard ball.
Hits most shots to center of court.
Short points, short strokes, short shots.
Often plays from "no man's land".
  QS Green
QS green ball for 78' court.
Plays 4 game sets.
QS Orange
QS orange ball for 60' court.
QS Red
QS red ball ideal for 6 to 8 year olds; 36' court.