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Universal Tennis looks to transform the sport through developing innovative solutions for all providers of the game. From Clubs to High Schools to Federations, and everything in between, Universal Tennis has a solution to drive your business forward.
Growing the game
Solutions based Platform
Our services have been developed with you, the provider, top of mind. You can now access the Universal Tennis application to run unlimited events, get players rated, grow participation and automate payments. Join risk-free with no upfront fees.  
Tailor Made for You as a Provider
Learn how Universal Tennis can help you build your player base, fill court time and support level-based play to increase member loyalty.
Run unlimited events
Recruit new members
Generate revenue
Flexible plans, free trials
Join many of the world’s top academies and leverage our technology to help the your students reach their full potential.
Advanced statistics
Develop and recruit players
Level-based seeding
Run unlimited events
High Schools
Universal Tennis has basic and performance packages for schools looking to elevate the sport for their players. Our features include:
Make scores count
Run official HS events
Scout opposing teams
Run fundraisers
True to our founding, Universal Tennis empowers college coaches in all areas of the sport by leveraging our golf-standard UTR Rating.
Recruit players globally
Showcase your program
Access advanced analytics
Generate revenue
Universal Tennis looks to collaborate with governing bodies across the globe with the goal of increasing participation, level-based play and broadened pathways for aspiring players.
UTR Pro Tennis Tour
Level-Based Play
Increase Participation
Pathway to US Collegiate Tennis
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Access the Universal Tennis software to run unlimited events, get players rated, and generate revenue.