In everything we do, we believe in building new models that strengthen and improve player experiences. We believe that everything we do should be about the passion and love of the sport, about the will to improve, to have fun, and to find friendship.




How it works

The UTR Rating is the world’s most accurate rating system. It promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. All players are rated on the same 1.00-16.50 point global scale based on daily match results.

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About the UTR

Pro Tennis Tour

Universal Tennis is the owner and organizing body of the UTR Pro Tennis Tour (PTT), with responsibility for its Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct, Tournament Format and related streaming and commercial rights. We partner with Federations and organizers to bring the tournaments to life in order to create a development tour to support players. With fewer events and matches and substantially reduced prize money, aspiring pros are increasingly struggling in pursuit of their dreams. The PTT provides additive and complimentary events to help emerging players and the sport broadly.

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