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Our services have been developed with you, the provider, top of mind. You can now access the Universal Tennis platform to run unlimited events, get players rated, grow participation, and automate payments.

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You asked for it, we delivered: Universal Tennis is excited to begin the next chapter by bringing a new pickleball rating and technology solutions to support our providers around the world! Providers are now able to run their own pickleball events and digital membership using software features they already know and love.


Creating Positive Experiences

Launching Color Ball


Universal Tennis has launched its Color Ball Rating (CBR Rating) worldwide! This new product offering will make it easier for providers to inspire a beginner and get more youth players on the court right now. Color ball tennis creates a positive learning experience for new players, allowing them to develop their skills using right-sized equipment, court sizes, and formats. All providers on the Universal Tennis platform can run color ball events (red, orange, and green ball) with ease similar to UTR Rating events.


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