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Universal Tennis is investing over $20M and enabling 450 worldwide annual events in this three-year UTR Pro Tennis Tour. These singles-only events are for men and women with a UTR PTT Rank between 200-2000. The innovative format guarantees more matches and prize money.
Full Calendar
Join the UTR Pro Tennis Tour
  • All players earn prize money
  • Minimum $25,000 financial commitment
  • Round-Robin format guarantees at least 4 matches
  • Ranking restrictions ensure level-based competition
Check your Eligibility
  • Men must have a UTR rating of at least 12.50
  • Women must have a UTR rating of at least 9.70
  • All players must be outside the top 200 PTT ranking
  • Players 1-199 or > 2000 eligible for wild cards
Tournament Schedule
  • Across Europe, Americas, Australia and Asia-Pacific
  • New tournaments and locations weekly
  • Follow events, players and results
  • View the full calendar
Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I participate in another event in the same week?
What is the prize money for the UTR Pro Tennis Tour?
How will I get paid?
I am traveling to a tournament. What arrangements should I make in advance?
How do I handle threats, offensive and unwanted messages?
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